All parents will receive a Tuition Agreement Form the first week of April.  For your convenience, copies of the form and letter may be obtained by clicking on the links below.  If you have further questions or concerns, please call the Business Office at x 204


The obligation to pay the tuition fee is unconditional. Any family who withdraws a child from the school for any reason is responsible for tuition costs according to the following plan:

  1. One fourth of the total tuition cost will be charged to the family for withdrawal between Aug 1st and the end of first marking period.
  2. One half of the total tuition cost will be charged to the family for withdrawal between Aug 1st and the end of second quarter.
  3. Three quarters of the total tuition cost will be charged to families for withdrawal between Aug 1st and the end of third quarter.
  4. 100 % of the total tuition will be charged to families who withdraw after the third quarter.


See the Tuition Agreement Form for payment options


Each family is required to raise a minimum of $300 in fundraising funds to offset the tuition costs at PMA, or "buy-out" of any fundraising efforts by paying $300 to PMA. Parents who do not raise their $300 throughout the year will be billed in May for the remainder of the balance owed to the school. PMA relies heavily on fundraising activities to offset the difference between what we charge parents for tuition and the actual cost to educate a child at PMA (approximately $6600.)  The buy-out option is a fair and equitable practice for all families and guarantees a steady source of income for the school.

Parents who prepay their buy-out should discard any fundraising materials that are sent home in the WHITE ENVELOPE.


If a family participates in the fall funddraiser, and grosses sales of $200, the school will apply the fundraising proceeds of 30% towards the family's buyout fee of $300. The same family now participates in the Grocery Gift Card Program. If the family purchases $200 of cards per week, that family will get $10 applied towards their fundraising fee. If an average family spends $800 per month on food at Shaws, they will get credited $40 per month towards their Buy-out Fee $40 times 10 months = $400. The following fund raising activities do not qualify towards buy-out fee: fundraisers sponsored by the Parent Group for student related activities, the annual auction, bake sales, and dress-down days.

FundraiserDescriptionTime Line Profit towards Buy-Out
Shaws, Stop & Shop, Hannaford Certificates

Gift Certificate Cards

$100, $50, denominations

September1 through May 1

5% of total purchase

Scrip Gift Cards

Gift Cards Sept-May 2%-16%

Christmas Lottery

$5 gift lottery gift cards-make great Christmas gifts for family, friends and employees Mid-November through December

30% of total sales


School Sponsored walkathon April/May 40% of total money collected



Parents using Facts payment service, use their Online Management sytem to manage tuition payment. Use the link below to print out instructions.

FACTS Enrollment Instructions


Tuition Rates Letter



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